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We observe that base on the TL-NSDP 2010-2030 has not reached the target yet, one of the reason  is the lack of Proactivity as well support from private sector in order to accelerate Goverment Planning.We believe Metrolink presence would deliver satisfaction to the best and high internet quality to the country


Metrolink capable to deliver Technical and Managerial assistances in Internet Service Provider, the latest business enabling ICT products, solutions and services across multi-vendor environment.

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Timor Plaza, CBD3, Unit 304, 20 de Setembro, Bebonuk Dom Aleixo Dili
Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM

  • Phone: +670 78888188
  • Phone: +670 78881888
  • Email: info@metrolink.tl
  • FB: @metrolink.lda

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